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We usually get together on the first Saturday of the month. We call ‘em gatherings. 

Summer Gatherings | Outdoors

Saturdays | 2 PM
August – No Gathering
September 7 – Theme: September 

Please consider bringing a chair

Auburn Hills Community Center | Seyburn Pavilion

3350 E Seyburn Dr, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Upcoming Song-swap Themes

Sept: Drinking Songs from Around the World

Oct: Great Lakes & the High Seas

Nov: The Times They Are A’Changin’

Dec: Holiday Potluck/No Song Swap

Jan (25): Criminals, Outlaws, & Thugs

Feb: Most Disturbing Ballads

Mar: Folktales About Animals

Apr: Michigan History

May: Redemption

Jun: Coming of Age/Life Changes

Jul: Picnic/No Song Swap

About Our Gatherings

We usually get together on the first Saturday of the month.

Gatherings are held in the Fellowship Hall of University Presbyterian Church at 1385 South Adams Road, between Hamlin and Avon (we are not affiliated with the church).

The gathering starts with a one-hour presentation. Topics range from unusual instruments and music styles to hands-on “How to Play a (ukulele, harmonica or whatever)” to historical demonstrations and presentations. We break for snacks and conversation in the dining room and reconvene for the Song Swap.

Song Swap is like an open mic, except that the room doesn’t need a microphone. It’s a safe and supportive environment; many people make their first public performance here.  It’s a great place to share what you’ve been practicing or for old pros to try out new material.

After that, we may break up into small groups – like singers, instrumental jammers, and talkers. Some people come to listen, and others bring various instruments or their voices (singing, poetry, chatting, etc.), and they gather in circles by interest. We call these “Circles & Jam Sessions.”  Some circles have included Native American flutes, fiddles, banjos, harmonicas, dulcimers, singing, songwriting, storytelling, poetry, etc.  Many rooms are available for practice or other small groups.

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